Derviş’in Evi Broşür Çalışması

Eylül 14, 2018

Derviş’in Evi Broşür Çalışması

Derviş'in Evi Broşür çalışmasını gelen çalışmanın doğrultusunda üzerinde biraz tasarımı ve yazım yanlışı hatalarını düzeltikten sonra tasarım kısmını karşılıklı WhatsApp üzerinden iletişim halinde brifler yaparak tamamladık.


creatures without discriminating in regard to belief, class, or race. The dervishes with their head-dresses (representing the ego’s tombstone), their white skirt (representing the ego’s shroud) are spirituallyborn to the truth by removing their black cloaks and they journey and advance to spiritual maturity through the stages of the Sema ceremony. At the onset and at each stege of the Sema ceremony holding their arms in a criss-cross position they represent the number one, and testify to God’s unity. While whirling, their arms open their right hands directed towards the sky and ready to receive God’s beneficence, gazing up, they turn their left hands towards the earth and turn from right to left, pivoting around the heart. This is his way of conveying God’s spiritual gift to the people upon whom God "looks with a divine” watchfulness. Revolving around the heart, from right to left, they embrace all of humankind, and all of creation with affection and love. THE SEMA CEREMONY CONSISTS OF SEVERAL PARTS WITH DIFFERENT MEANINGS... 1-İt starts with a eulogy ‘’ Nat-i serif’’ to the Prophet, Muhammad, Who represents love and all probhets before him To praise them is praising God,who created all of them. 2- This eulogy is followed by a drum sound symbolizing the Divine order of the Creator...’’ Kun=Be!’’ 3-Then follows an instrumental music improvisation ("Taksim"in Turkish) with a reed wind instrument called a "ney", which represents the first breath which gave life to everything: The Divine breath. 4-The fourth part is where the dervishes greet each other and perform their thrice repeated circular walk called the "Devri Veledi",accompanied by music called”peshrev”. This part symbolizes the salutation of saul concealed by shapes and body 5-The fifth part is the Sema (whirling), wich consists of four salutes or "selams". At the end of each salute, as in the onset, the dervish testifies to God’s unity with his appearance.
A- First salute Is man’s birth into truth through feeling and the mind it represents his complete conception of the ecstasy of God as the creator and his own state of being. B- Second salute expresses the rapture of man witnessing the splendor of creation in front of God’s greatness and omnipotence. C- The third salute Is the dissolution of rapture into love and thereby the sacrifice of the mind to love. It is complete submission; it is the annihilation of self in the loved one, in His unity. This state of ecstasy is known as " Nirvana " in Buddhism and " Fenafillah " in Islam. In Buddhism, this is the highest state of ecstasy. However, the highest rank in Islam is the rank reached by the Prophet: He is called God’s servant foremost and subsequently his messenger. The aim of Sema is not unbroken i ecstasy and loss conscious thought, but realization of submission to God. D- The fourth salute just as the Prophet ascended to the "Throne" and then returned to his task on earth, the whirling dervishes, following the termination of their spiritual joyrney and ascent,return to their tasks and to their state of subservience. "He is a servent of God, of his Books,of his Prophets and all creation.(Sura Bakara 2,verse 285) At the end of their salute,they demonstrate this again with their appearance,arms criss-crossed over the chests to represent the unity of God,consciously and feelingly. 6-The sixth part of the Sema is a reading from the Quran, especially of the verse "Unto God belong East and the West and wherever you turn,there is Gods countenace.He is Allemracing,All-Knowing"(Sura Bakara 2, verse 115).” 7- The Sema ceremony ends withs a prayer for peace of the souls of all probhets and all believers.After the completion of the " Sema " ceremony all the dervishes return silently to their cells for meditaion (”tefekkür” in Turkish).